FAQ’s Slime


Do you use Borax?

Yes, Borax is used in all our slime recipes.

Is Borax safe?

Borax is considered non-toxic. It is still advisable though to avoid eye contact, prolonged skin contact or ingestion of any kind.

Will my slime look exactly like the picture on the product?

Your slime’s appearance may differ from the actual product picture due to to the transit process and natural setting of the slime.

My slime has arrived and it is melted!?

Slime may melt or become runny due to heat – this is completely normal.

It can easily be remedied by performing the following steps:

– Use the enclosed borax powder received with your slime powder and mix it with 250ml of water until fully dissolved.
– Add small amounts of the mixed solution to your slime (drop by drop) until it has re-activated and is at the consistency you prefer. Be careful not to over-activate your slime.

My slime is sticky!?

Slime is prone to stick to dry surfaces and warm hands.
Add a few drops of borax solution to your hands, rub it around and try playing with your slime again.
Your slime should no longer be sticky.

I have over activated my slime. It is no longer soft or stretchy?

Over activated slime’s are often difficult to rectify, please be extra careful not to over activate your slime’s and rather add these in small measures (drop by drop).

Basic slime can be made soft and pliable again by adding a bit of lotion and microwaving it for a few seconds.

Clear slime can be made soft and pliable again by adding a few drops of baby oil and microwaving it for a few seconds.

My Slime smells?

Slime doesn’t last forever unfortunately. You can try adding a few drops of fragrance oil, lotion or baby oil depending on the type of slime.

If your slime is still smelly, it might be time to consider throwing it away.

How do I extend the lifespan of my slime?

Always ensure your hands are clean when playing with your slime. When you aren’t playing with your slime, keep it stored in a cool area out of the sun, or in the fridge. Should you store it in the fridge, remove it approximately 10 minutes before you intend playing with it.